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Maharaja Mystic Massage | 30 min $60.00 + HST | 60 min $100.00 + HST

Inspired by the Princesses of “immense riches” who devoted themselves to the most extravagant means of pampering, this deeply holistic experience uses a customized blend of essential oils, which appeal to the senses, and whose aromatic appeal is a personal response to each individuals’ needs. Deeply relaxing and calming, or uplifting and enlightening, the benefits of this experience are appropriate for any man or women.


Hot Stone Therapy | 60 min $139.00 + HST

A fusion of “east meets west” this massage technique involves the use of heated basalt stones immersed in mineral water. Stone Therapy is a Native American practice used in ancient times as a healing therapy. The use of the stones ensures the release of deep muscle tension.




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