Grey Gables Inn is not only famous for its exceptional service and luxury; it's also famous for it's Afternoon Tea. Our guests can choose from a greaat selection of teas and an array of tea treats including scones, sandwiches and petit fours. in the historic library in this Grand Manor.

Gray Gables Inn has partnered with CPAN ( Child Poverty Action Network) program. A charity that offers special programs like Tools for School and Operation Snowsuit to help children in much need in Pembroke and surrounding areas. Our guests now have the opportunity to support the meaningful work of CPAN by giving back in one simple way: wear a fancy hat for afternoon tea.

Our guests will be encouraged to wear one of our fancy hats during our Afternoon Tea for a $5.00 donation with all proceeds benefiting CPAN . Our guests are happy to know that beyond enjoying tea and scrumptious treats, by participating in our Fancy Hats for High Tea initiative they are also helping to support families that are facing challenging times.


Blood Orange

Bright blood orange balanced with a floral oolong tea base sweet, creamy vanilla finish.

Premium High Mountain Oolong

Semi-fermented tea, made from large, mature leaves to produce a full-bodied taste.

White Tea

Only the youngest and best leaves still covered with short white down. It’s subtle, lingering fragrance will ease the mind.

Jasmine Green Dragon

Scented with fresh jasmine, this tea is a phenomenon of fragrance and sweetness.

Blooming Flower

Bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers that would bloom in hot water.

Organic Black Lychee

Sharp, strong and piercing aroma, mixed with the sweet essence of the popular lychee flower.

Milk Oolong

Naturally infused with an overwhelming smooth and creamy flavour.

Organic Earl Grey

Infused with bergamot and cornflower.


Brewed with honey, it produces a wonderful medley that is used to sooth the body.

Afternoon Tea and High Tea is served weekly on Friday , Saturday and Sunday. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Cream Tea is served Wednesdays and Thursdays: Reservations Required

Sittings are limited to 1.1/2 hours with reservation times at, 11:00, 12.30, 1:30 , 2.30 ., 4.30


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For any queries, email us at FOOD/DRINKS MAY CONTAIN : dairy, eggs, wheat,soybean, & nuts,Cross contamination may occur.

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