Rebalancing Facial | $99.00 + HST

Customized for all skin types.

Beautiful skin is the sign of wellbeing. This facial is specifically customized to work with the unique qualities of your skin type. Our skin care specialists will customize your treatment and educate you on achieving a vibrant, balanced complexion. Included is a complimentary eyebrow shaping to complete your facial experience.

Forever Young (customized for all skin types) $155.00

Customized for all skin types.

An age-defying treatment, ideal for firming the skin tone, and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Two specialized masks, targeting lifting and toning of the skin, along with rich and nourishing serums and creams used in this facial, create a radiant youthful skin appearance. Included is a complimentary eyebrow shaping to complete your facial experience.

Oxygenating Detox Facial | $99.00 + HST

Ideally suited for men.

This tailor made treatment is dedicated to the specific needs of a man’s skin. The skin is deeply cleansed and oxygenated, with lymphatic drainage massage. Depending on the skin needs, a mask specifically designed for the skin type is applied, finishing off the treatment with an application of moisturizer, or anti-aging cream. The skin is left refreshed and relaxed.

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